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41 Letter 10 Letter X. Choice of Trades Should be free. 169

In my last I troubled you with my sentiments on
the duration of the first contract, and the great article of publicity
in the management, which was my motive for admitting of a duration
so unlimited. But, long before my Contractor and I had come to any
settlement about these points, he would have found various questions
to propose to me. One thing he would not fail to say to me is—"What
trades may I put my men to when I have got them?" My answer is
soon given. "Any whatever that you can persuade
them to turn their hands to. Now, engage in then, Sir, let us think now consider for a moment
if you please, what trades it may be most for his advantage to put them
to, and what it is therefore most likely he should be disposed to put them

That he may get the better view of them, I throw first them
put into four classes . In the first, I place those, who already are possessed
of businesses capable of being carried on with advantage in
the prison: in the second, those trained up to businesses which,
though not capable in themselves of being carried on within with in advantage
such limits, yet by the similarity of operation have a tendency
to render it more or less easy for a man to learn some of
those other businesses which are: in the third rank, I would place
such as had been trained up indeed to industry, but to branches
which have no such tendency as I have Just mentioned: such instance

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