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Add MSS 33550 is a volume from the British Library’s Bentham Papers collection. It contains several of Bentham's works, notably two drafts of Panopticon, or the Inspection House, the former draft being somewhat neater and fairer than the latter. Taken in addition to the drafts contained in Box_115, it will be interesting to compare these multiple drafts with the final, published text, and to examine its genesis.

This batch of material also contains some of Bentham's writings on logic, as well as the History of the War between Jeremy Bentham and George the Third, By One of the Belligerents (dated 1827 to 1831). Bentham believed that George III was personally responsible for the British government's abandonment of the panopticon prison scheme, and was personally hostile to Bentham himself. 'But for George III', Bentham wrote, 'all the prisons and paupers in England would long ago have been under my management'.

As Janet Semple notes in Bentham's Prison: A Study of the Panopticon Penitentiary, this History is 'full of major errors fact and seriously misleading as to the chronology of events', having been written by an elderly Bentham thirty years after he had first begun to promote the panopticon. Nevertheless, it is a fascinating, angry text.

The material is divided as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 47: Logical Arrangements [1808, 1814]
  • Folios 48 to 144: Pannomion, Penal Code, Law Amendments, Nomography, Civil Code [1823, 1826-31]
  • Folios 145 to 207: draft of Panopticon, or the Inspection House [ca. 1787]
  • Folios 208 to 230: draft of Panopticon, or the Inspection House [ca. 1787]
  • Folios 231 to 261: JB v George III. Short History of Panopticon for Westminster or Quarterly Review, Abridged version [1831]
  • Folios 262 to 364: Panopticon Plan, miscellaneous panopticon-related documents for government, and official documents [1794-96, 1798-1800, 1807, 1811, 1812]
  • Folios 365 to 416: History of the War with George III [1824, 1827-31

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