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acknowledging in that in those receptacles
every thing is not yet exactly as it should be.

Upon the present place (Third Report p. 144.)
..... Those persons (it is said) must be expected to
return into society with depraved habits or
dispositions ....

But when a panacea is at hand, the more desperate
the disease, for the of the Physicians at least,
so much the better. "Such alterations and corrections</unclear>
"as will in a great degree if not altogether remove
"the evil" such are the words in and by which
an intervention thus consolatory is conveyed.

Now my Lord what is the panacea? Oh my Lord
considering who the Physicians are, an answer is
almost a superfluity — offices! offices! Yes my Lord
the nests of offices promised with the expenses attached
to them innumerable. To begin with a few thousands
a year in offices (p. 148.) reformation is it still tardy?
a few thousands a year more to quicken it; and so on
till the cure is perfected.

Yes my Lord it is among the maxims of
Honourable Gentlemen, that if in an establishment of
this sort any thing is amiss, it is for want of offices.

It is among their postulates, that every man who is
paid for doing duty will do it in perfection, provided the reality
of patronage and shew of superintendance is in the hands of

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