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Box 9 is a miscellany of material. It includes correspondence to and from Bentham for dated between 1784 and 1828, as well as a codicil from Bentham's will dated 1824. It also includes the manuscript of the Memoir of Jeremy Bentham, written by Bentham's literary executor, John Bowring, and which was published in volumes ten and eleven of the Works of Jeremy Bentham, published between 1838 to 1843 under Bowring's superintendence. The Memoir has, admittedly, been described by Leslie Stephen as 'one of the worst biographies in the [English] language, out of materials which might have served for a masterpiece'.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Folios 37–44 have been transcribed and published in Rights, Representation, and Reform: Nonsense upon Stilts and Other Writings on the French Revolution, eds. P. Schofield, C. Pease-Watkin, and C. Blamires, Oxford, 2002.

The manuscripts are arranged as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 36 : Correspondence, 1784 to 1828
  • Folios 37 to 49 : Letter from Bentham to Mirabeau on Escheat [1789]
  • Folios 50 to 90 : Letters of Anti-Machiavel to the Public Advertiser [1789]
  • Folios 91 to 122 : Bowring's manuscript of the Memoir of Jeremy Bentham
  • Folios 123 to 124 : codicil to Bentham's will [1824]
  • Folios 125 to 135 : Bentham's reflections on a change of ministry [1827]

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