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Category:Box 073

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Box 73 contains several interesting documents on law, crime and punishment. Bentham discusses duelling, theft, suicide, infanticide and laws against religious dissenters (read more about religion). These papers were written in the 1770s.

The more detailed contents of this box are as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 3: Law in general. Showing how a lawyer keeping his own head above water may drown those that follow him [c.1780, or earlier]
  • Folios 4 to 31: Penal Law. Insolvency, perjury, Popery, assault, rescue, escape, defamation, duelling, malicious mischief, dissenters, coining, torture [c.1774-76]
  • Folios 32 to 75: Penal law. Theft. [c.1773-76]
  • Folios 76 to 89: Penal law. Personal injuries [c.1776]
  • Folios 90 to 100: Sexual Nonconformity [c.1774]]

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