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Manuscripts in this category were written towards the end of Bentham's life and are perhaps the most challenging to transcribe. During this period Bentham developed his Plan of Parliamentary Reform which was published in 1817. He advocated universal manhood suffrage, annual parliaments, equal electoral districts, payment of MPs and the secret ballot. In the Constitutional Code written in the 1820s, Bentham called for the abolition of the monarchy and House of Lords. Meanwhile Bentham continued with his plan to codify the law. He corresponded with James Madison, President of the United States, and Alexander I, the Russian Emperor, about the possibility of producing codes of laws for those states. At the request of the Portuguese Cortes, Bentham also drew up plans to reform the law in Portugal, and he produced writings on Spain, Tripoli, Greece and South America. He was dubbed the 'legislator of the world' by José del Valle, the Guatemalan lawyer, economist and politician, and recensions of his works were made available in Europe by a Genevan translator, Étienne Dumont. See a time-line of Bentham's life.

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