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Box 100 contains material relating to Bentham's civil code, as well as his thinking on punishment and reward. It also contains a substantial portion of his Influence of Time and Place on Legislation.

A more detailed description of the material is as follows:

  • Folios 1-4: Digest of Laws - Notoriety - New Year Books [c.1773)
  • Folios 5-33: Influence of Time and Place on Legislation-transplantation [c.1785]
  • Folios 34-49: Civil Code - Promulgation [c.1776 and 1790, some in French]
  • Folios 50-62: Civil Code - Composition-project [1795]
  • Folios 63-75: Projet forme II-composition [in French, c.1785]
  • Folios 76-86: Projet forme - composition, invention, enseignment [in French, apart from folio 78;, c.1785]
  • Folios 87-89: Projet forme - Histoire [in French, c.1785]
  • Folios 90-95: Interpretation of the Code [ff. 94 and 95 are in French; c.1780]
  • Folios 96-186: Legislation (some of which was used by Etienne Dumont in Traités de legislation) [c.1776]
  • Folios 187-216: Traités de legislation - 1. Marginata [c.1795-1816]; 2.Compensation [c.1776]; 3. Délits, satisfaction honoraire, duels [c.1783]

Folios from box 100 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

Box 100 Progress: Transcription begun

Untranscribed: 0
In Progress: 164
Ready For Review: 12
Completed: 253
Total: 429

0Completed: 253(58.97%)429

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