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Box 87 is a batch of material from UCL's Bentham Papers collection. It consists of Bentham's writings on the topic of 'indirect legislation', that is attempts by the legislator to influence the population's conduct, without the threat of punishment for non-compliance. Instead, indirect legislations relies upon incentives and the moral sanction to influence behaviour.

The material is divided as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 9: Indirect legislation, plan, prefat [c.1790]
  • Folios 10 to 15: C. Of preventive institutions [c. 1780-90]
  • Folio 16: End of punishment [c.1780]
  • Folios 17 to 41: Comparative force of the three sanctions [c.1780]
  • Folio 42: Transcendental legislation [c.1780]
  • Folios 43 to 194: Inclination, non-seduction, diverting, power, knowledge, misrule, mischief, guarding, exposing person, imagination, rewarding, corpus delicti, accessory offences, raising evidence, rules of evidence, promulgation, conclusion [c.1780-90]

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